At Thorngrove we pride ourselves on our fantastic pastoral care.  The family is at the heart of our ethos and we would like to think that the school is like an extended family.

Children's form teachers are responsible for their wellbeing on a daily basis and are the first ‘port of call’ for parents.  In addition to this, their Head of Year will chart their progress throughout the time that they are in their section.  Mrs Gomez is Head of Years 3, 4 and 5 and Mr Radford is Head of Years 6, 7 and 8.

Our Heads of House provide another layer of pastoral care.  The four houses of AshBeechOak, and Rowan meet fortnightly and arrange events to raise money and build ‘house spirit’. Events throughout the year include general knowledge quizzes, poetry recitals, sleep-overs and much, much more.  The children also enjoy gaining house points by working or behaving particularly well.

Our active School Council (from Reception to Year 8) provides the children with a forum for discussion, inclusion and change. Our clear, fair and effective rewards and sanctions system works hand in hand with issues raised in PSHE lessons as well as other house and whole school assemblies.  The older children act as ‘buddies’ to the younger children, helping them in the morning at registration and seeing them at different times during the week.

Our Deputy Head Pastoral has overall responsibility for making sure that every child has a happy, rewarding and successful time at school. Thorngrove has always been and will continue to be a warm and friendly school built on the premise that family and feeling part of a community matter.