In Forest School we aim to encourage and inspire children of any age through mastery of small, achievable tasks in a woodland environment, to grow in confidence and independence so that they are able to develop a sense of self-worth.  

At Thorngrove, we operate our Forest School within our own woods.  The main focus for regular activities is the ‘Base Camp’.  A base camp was cleared in one of the drier parts of the woods which enables us to go outside even when the rest of the wood is very boggy!  

Experience has shown Forest School to be inspirational, opinion changing and challenging.  It raises expectations and develops insights into individual learning styles and schemas.

It is personally and socially uplifting so laying the foundations for other learning.

Unlike other forms of outdoor education which generally concentrate on team-building, challenging activities or competitiveness, Forest School embraces an entirely different approach through the nurturing, support and development of the self-esteem of participants.  

Children have regular access to the specially designated area all year round and in all weathers to light fires, build shelters, leap into puddles, collect twigs, explore habitats, identify mini beasts, etc.  Forest School imparts a sense of wonderment and awe to children and offer active and direct learning experiences that are child-initiated.