A sound and thorough knowledge of the world of Science is a right of all children and an essential part of their school education, crucial to helping them to understand their life in the 21st Century.

Science is concerned with encouraging the mind to think about the world, and developing a ‘how and why’ approach that allows the individual to look beyond the basic facts, to question assumptions and see patterns and consequences that lie beneath data.

At Thorngrove we strive for all of our students to reach their full academic potential, as well as enhancing their experience and understanding of life and our world, and the responsibilities that this brings.  The world we live in is evolving at a faster and faster pace, and each year sees new and dramatic advances in science, many of which have a direct impact on the way we live our lives.

By encouraging pupils to engage directly with science and by developing their thinking processes, they develop strategies that will improve their confidence and their ability to relate to this world in a positive way.  To achieve these aims, teaching science in a practical way is absolutely paramount. It allows pupils to develop and nurture a sense of wonder and enthusiasm in the laboratory, and makes concepts and ideas far more accessible and meaningful to a wide range of intellectual ability.