At Thorngrove we attempt to instill in the pupils a sense of understanding and fun that is central to their success and, therefore, that of the department.

The children are encouraged to enjoy the different aspects of a changing and developing subject. We combine traditional maths teaching with new ideas adapted from relevant sources. This equips our pupils with a solid mathematical foundation that they will take beyond Common Entrance and on into later life.  It is essential that pupils be taught to lose the fear of making mistakes. They then become willing to take risks and push themselves beyond a limiting boundary to reach their potential.

From an early age, we promote the development of mental skills and strategies and teach the correct usage of vocabulary. Pupils from Year 3 (age 7) work in ability sets where a variety of teaching styles and activities are used to suit the various learning styles of pupils. Setting pupils also allows us to organise them into smaller groups which then receive more individualised attention at the required level. All groups do, however, cover the same topics over the year.  Overall we want our pupils to develop a love and respect for this subject that will create a desire to learn more about it.