At Thorngrove we believe in supporting and helping local and national charities and forging links with the community.

Every year many children take part in the Schools Triathlon at Bradfield College.  The children run, cycle and swim and this year helped to raise £50,000 for Restless Development a global charity supporting young people, with £8,000 specially being raised by Thorngrovers!

We are also supporting the Rosemary Appeal, seeking to improve dialysis and cancer care in West Berkshire.   Currently, patients from Newbury and West Berkshire suffering from advanced illnesses such as Cancer and Renal disease have to travel to Reading, Oxford, Swindon and even further afield to Southampton and London to receive treatment. The amount of time and money spent travelling places significant strain on not just patients, but also their families and friends.  By raising £4.5 million and building the Rosemary Centre a significant number of patients in the local community will be able to receive the care they need closer to home, to make their lives that bit easier.  The school has already raised a substantial amount of money and continues to raise more.

We love working with the local community and welcome St. Nicolas Church, Newbury every July to enjoy the school grounds and have a church family picnic.  They also make the most of our big screen and projector to watch the Wimbledon Finals!