An army marches on its stomach and so does a school!  Children at Thorngrove enjoy a delicious variety of lunches and snacks throughout the week.  

Our chef, Neil Laing, has created a new, healthier menu.  The new look menu will have more home-cooked dishes created from ‘scratch’; less processed food; puddings with 25% less sugar; a greater variety of salads; locally sourced meats and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The menus have been carefully devised over several weeks.  In this time, Mr Laing has personally visited local suppliers and had a ‘tasting session’ with children on the School Council.

The menus will continue to run on a three weekly rotation.  On Tuesday, the children will be offered fresh fruit only for pudding.  This is to encourage them to taste different types of fruit and eat more of it!  The following fruits will be on offer at various times:  watermelon, Canteloupe melon, Ogen melon, black grapes, white grapes, pineapple, strawberries (seasonal), raspberries (seasonal), fruit bowl (apples, pears, bananas, oranges, plums and bananas).  You will also see a greater use of whole grains and pulses in the main meal and salads.

The salad bar is available for children in Year 3 and above.  Lower School children will also have some salads offered to them on certain days, depending on the main meal.  The salad bar will contain a selection of the following cold meats and salads: tuna mayo, tuna & sweetcorn, smoked mackerel fillet, boiled eggs, chicken drumsticks, ham, salami, grated cheddar, mixed leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, mixed peppers, celery, carrot sticks, beetroot, coleslaw, potato salad, mixed bean salad, pasta salad, couscous, bulgur wheat, red quinoa.

The children (in Year 3 and above) are also offered soup on a daily basis.  The following soups will be prepared from ‘scratch’ and served on a rotational basis: cream of tomato, tomato and sweet pepper, potato, cabbage and bacon, potato and chive, leek and potato, Mulligatawny, curried parsnip, vegetable broth, Mediterranean vegetable, chilli chicken, chicken and sweetcorn, Jambalaya, celery and Stilton, cauliflower and Cheddar, pea and ham, lentil and bacon, carrot and coriander, spiced sweet potato, French onion, cream of mushroom.  Granary rolls are also available with soup or salads.

All our meat is supplied by Vicars Game of Ashhampstead and our fresh fruit, salads and vegetables are supplied by Heritage Fine Food Company in Coate, Wiltshire.

On Friday mornings we have a breakfast club from 7.30am.  This includes a 'Big Fry Up' where over eighty parents and children enjoy a delicious cooked breakfast.

This week's menu is available here