Every school should be on a dynamic journey into the future and continually developing in all areas. The school will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary and with this milestone just around the corner it is time to put into place a new development plan for the school. The previous one expired about six months ago and many good initiatives and facilities were completed e.g. using Earwig to capture and log children’s progress across the curriculum; the appointment of a Head of Drama to continue to develop drama across the school; the improvement of the sports fields by using a specialist company to drain and maintain them.

It is important to plan for the future and look beyond 2020. This will include initiatives in the short and long term. It is also important to remember that plans change and although they may alter according to finances and ideas it is still important to look towards the future. Exciting projects for the future include creating a separate facility for our Learning Support Department; extending our iPad and personal device provision; re-locating our Design and Technology Centre; reconfiguring the car park to create a new entrance and a one-way system to ease congestion on and off site; new showers for the senior changing rooms.